Overview of the Actual Camp

Day 1: Instructional lesson on basic entomology with an emphasis on insect anatomy

and life cycles.  Campers will observe living insect specimens as well as collected and preserved specimens.  Students will read and learn basic entomology field collecting techniques as well as safety precautions.  Students and chaperones will then embark

on a collecting excursion at a local destination.  All equipment will be provided. 

Students and chaperones will actively collect and humanely store live insects. 

Return to “base camp” for snack and sharing before returning home.

(after campers depart, human killing of insects will occur.  If campers are really uncomfortable with having their specimens killed, they will be offered the option of performing “catch and release”--a separate art project will be planned for the last session)

Day 2:  Instructional Lesson on the actual pinning and spreading of specimens.  Students will use authentic equipment to observe, relax, identify and pin their specimens for drying.  Additional collecting on site and an insect “show and tell session” will wrap up the day.  Campers will snack and depart for home. (catch and release participants will be provided with previously killed insects for pinning if they wish to participate)

Day 3:  Culminating Activity:  students will unpin their dried specimens and will creatively assemble a shadow box for their collection.  Students will be offered labels for their specimens and will be offered a variety of art materials to enhance their collections.  All supplies will be provided for the campers and the shadowboxes will go home.  Active snacking and sharing of fun stories and then campers depart for home----or, SCHEDULE ANOTHER SESSION!!!

SUMMER BUG CAMP 2012 Photo Book with photographs of the three day session

will be available to purchase online after the culmination of the course if you are interested.  It makes a nice keepsake and is a great gift for grandparents!!

I will make every attempt to keep the publication cost effective.