About me, Michele Phillips

I completed my undergraduate work at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and

State University in 1986 and finished my Master’s Degree in Entomology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2005.  At 51,  I am an educator, artist, avid fossil collector, and entomologist in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Have tried the patience of two husbands, neither of which seemed to understand the passion of wet waders and paint and sandy feet--single and free once again to explore my passions!

WHEW!! Summer’s Finally Here!!

Between fossil hunting, sculpting, sailing, and adventure seeking, my summer is filling up quickly! 

Goals:  Seek Venues For Artwork Display and Sales--Learn to Sail--Travel--Explore!!

Welcome to my online gallery.  Each image is part of a limited edition signed series of prints and sculptures available for purchase.  All are unique hand drawn illustrations and sculptures representing many hours of concentration, creativity and characterization of an image I hold in my mind’s eye.  Please visit my galleries and by all means, CONTACT ME!!

Born and raised near the banks of the Rappahannock River, I have spent

the better part of my life as a naturalist, studying the flora and fauna

of this portion of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  My avocations include photography, graphic arts, sculpting, fossil hunting and collecting,

FISHING, and learning to SAIL!    In addition to this online gallery, my

current work is on display at the Happy Clam Restaurant , located on the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg.   I welcome visitors to explore my

galleries and contact me with questions not only about my artwork but the

natural world that surrounds us here in Virginia.  I accept inquiries and

often offer consultation to those in need of identifying and understanding encountered species of insects and continue to actively collect specimens for my personal collection. 

2014:  Click To See My Winter VentureAPP_DESIGN.html

I offer individually catered instructional courses for children and adults in the summer months and happily accept invitations to speak with groups of children and adults.  Please let me know you visited my site and provide me some comments.  I am always seeking ways to improve my artwork and interaction with the public.

2015:  My NEW Office on my sunporch!

2014:  Teaching Fossil Hunting Class

2014:  Sailing With My Eldest