Creative Consignments Are Always Welcomed!

Yes, I also BARTER for Beach House Rentals, Gallery Space, and Other Creative Offers!  MAKE ME AN OFFER!


All images contained on this website are available for purchase.  Due to their digital nature, a wide range of sizes are available.  Prints may include one or more images, combined to the purchaser’s specifications.  Titles, captions and other information are up to the discretion of the purchaser.  Prints are contained a limited edition series of 100 or fewer prints, a standard designed to preserve the value of each print.  Prints will be removed from the gallery when they reach the 100/100 printing and sale.  Due to the limited nature of the prints, buyers should check back frequently for the addition of new images as they are completed by the artist.

Each order is priced individually and includes cost of matting, framing, packaging, and/or postage--as little or as much as you need.  I can digitally print, print and frame, and even do a giclee gallery wrap for you. Email me--let’s talk!


Individual notecards are also available.  An assorted collection or a single print may be combined into packages of notecards that come with high quality A-2 size envelopes.  Gallery prices for cards begin at $12 for a pack of ten cards.


Sculptures are available for purchase as well.  Each is a one of a kind, numbered piece.  CONTACT ARTIST FOR PRICING AND CONSIGNMENT OPTIONS--GET CREATIVE--MAKE AN OFFER!  Summer 2014--accepting large scale consignments--unique of a kind ideas.

NEW--Fabric, Wallpaper, Decals and Gift Wrap

I am also able to design and print any image, or collection of images, on a variety of fabric selections.  Fabrics are printed through the Spoonflower Company with the buyer handling the final proof and purchase through the actual website.  Fabric prices are posted on the Spoonflower website. 

My fee is associated with the purchase of the digital file ....from there, you can print on any of the products at their website for a reasonable fee.

In order to meet your needs, please feel free to email the artist directly--send artist a message