OCEANA was my second series of paintings.  Each image is available within a Limited Edition Printing of 100 and each series remains open to date.


Seashells represent the exosksleton or external protective covering of living sea organisms within the phylum Mollusca.  Mollusks have lived on Earth for over 600 million years and can be found inhabiting all of the major biomes of the globe.  Most are sea-dwelling organisms that excrete layers upon layers of chitin from a structure called a mantle.  The mantle is a fleshy portion that covers the organism’s exposed areas; allowing the organism to continually generate new layers of its outer coating, or the “shell.”    Within the ocean environment, one can find “univalve gastropods” such as snails, “bivalve pelecypodas” such as oysters and scallops and even “cephalopods” such as the squid and the octopus.

**Not all images below are within the phylum Mollusca.

     I have included some seastars as well.

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